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Big Love Charles Mee - Villanova Product


The Dramaturgy of Big Love by Charles Mee

This website was developed in 2014 for the production of Big Love by Charles Mee at Villanova University. This website includes a wide variety of dramaturgical information. Explore source material, visual files, a growing production history, and more.

Discover more about the production that began this website by scrolling below.

This website is by website designer and dramaturg 
Jill Jacobs.


The production images featured on this page and throughout the website were taken by Paola Nogueras and Kimberly Reilly for the Villanova University Theatre 2014 Production of Big Love.

Big Love

Villanova University

Vasey Theatre


November 11 – 23, 2014

Written by Charles L. Mee

based on The Suppliant Women by Aeschylus                                             


Directed by Harriet Power


“Surprise, astonishment and adventure, restored to theatre”

– The New York Times 


Fifty brides flee fifty grooms and seek refuge at a villa on the coast of Italy in this wild wedding of mythic proportions. When the would-be husbands descend upon their reluctant brides, the women hatch a plan to fend off a full-on amorous assault and escape their ill-fated marriages once and for all.  Visceral and haunting, Big Love is “a fable (as in fabulous), a myth (its origin), an MGM musical in technicolor, a circus and, believe it, a Greek tragedy.” – The New York Times.


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