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Makka-ho Stretch Sequence


Sun Salutation A


Warrior Pose


Sun Salutation Diagram

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Warrior Pose Diagram

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Makko-Ho Stretch Diagram

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Remedies and Tips for Sore Muscles


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Move More

Even though you might want to flop onto the coach, cold drink in hand, first move a little more. Slowly and gently is fine. Get the blood flowing into those sore muscles by simply walking around the house or around your neighborhood, or raising your arms over your head while breathing deeply.



Before relaxing in your recliner, stretch your muscles before they stiffen, helping them to become more pliable and flexible. As oxygen flows into your muscles, you'll speed their recovery. Whether your choose yoga, Pilates or stretches of your own, you're relieving muscle soreness. Bonus, Dr. Andrew Weil says muscles contain stretch receptors which can improve your mood.


Drink Water

Water is the ultimate rehydrator. Avoid caffeine and alcohol because they can dehydrate you.


Feel Kneaded

Gently massage overworked muscles, prompting nutrient-rich blood to flow through, replenishing them. Better yet, get a massage from someone you like. .


Pack in Protein

Your muscles are hungry after exertion. They crave protein. Choose natural sources such as fish, poultry, lean meats, nuts, lentils and quinoa.


Soak in a Tub

A warm bath cures many ills, and always helps ease stiff muscles. You'll also sleep better after a bath, helping you awake refreshed. If you're brave, try a hot/cold treatment, alternating water temperatures every couple minutes, to open blood vessels more.


Extra Tip!

Use a tennis ball to relieve sore muscles. For example, lie on the ground and roll your back on the tennis ball to work out knots. Be careful to only work the tennis ball on your muscles, always avoid the spine and other bones.You can also roll the tennis ball over your legs and arms providing extra pressure to relieve aches and pains.

Drink plenty of water after massages to help flush out the toxins and lactic acid build up which has been released. More tennis ball tricks, click here!


Extra Tip!

Try relaxing in a hot bath with Epsom Salts! You can get them at any pharmacy, generally near other muscle relieving remedies and medications.

Extra Tip!

Try rubbing Tiger Balm on sore muscles. You can get them at any pharmacy, generally near other muscle relieving remedies and medications.

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